Want a brand that stands apart?

Give your brand a beating heart, a thinking brain, and welcoming arms.

-David Betke- 

Your Living Brand

We See
 Brands Differently 

We see brands as alive.  Some have broad smiles and welcoming arms, but most (including those run by people with huge hearts) appear cold, lifeless and robotic. It's not because you don't care. You just don't know what you don't know. 

As a result, your brand may be better at sending customers to your competition than attracting them to you.


It could be as simple as investing FIRST, in creating a true foundation (beating heart) for your brand. To us, your brand is a living being. Like every living being it needs a heart. Otherwise everything you write will sound like one machine talking to another, or one business talking to another. You have a heart and the people who buy from you have a heart, so why shouldn’t your brand have a heart? 

In our day-to-day meetings with small businesses, we encounter so many of you who just got to work in your business and skip over the foundations of brand building. As a result you end up with competition from everywhere, and customers who commodify your products and services like cans of soup they can just pluck of the shelf. You end up wasting enormous amounts of money, and opportunity, chasing marketing shiny things, or on consultants and gurus who lead you down different paths leading to nothing but more confusion. You feel more and more frazzled, and more money is going out the door but it doesn’t seem to equate to more business. 

This is because most marketing agencies only treat your symptoms. They see brand as a thing, usually a logo and pretty visuals. But those things are just the clothing and makeup for your brand. They are only the culmination of the branding process. If you skip the branding process, it’s like putting lipstick up a zombie.  Sure it will attract plenty of attention, until people get closer. Then they run away screaming towards your competition. 

If your competition spent time on the process, those customers, and all the potential business they may have brought you, will be welcomed by your competition. 

A Brand With Heart
is alive to your employees and customers

A brand with heart is a brand that comes to life because it expresses the beating heart of your business. Your amazing vision, the values you hold dear, and the drive you have to change your industry - or even the world - all breathe life into your brand  

Brands with heart speak to people like humans. They make their way into your heart and become the story you begin telling yourself. They become the mirror your raving fans want to see themselves in. 

Brands with heart often take on lives of their own, becoming bigger and more transforming than you could have ever imagined. Why, because they are driven by heart, by vision, purpose and pure intention.  They exist to improve lives, community and the world. By nature they are bandwagons that people love to jump on. They build their own mountains for people to scream your name from and they keep people engaged because they are working for something that MATTERS!

A Brand With A Brain
wastes less time & money chasing squirrels down rabbit holes

After 25 years working with brands from Ma and Pa shops to $100 million companies with a thousand employees I can confidently say that many of you are caught in the attention phase of marketing. You think if you just find that new shiny thing to attract more attention it will be the magic bullet that draws screaming fans through your door. Sorry, it rarely works that way, but after you give your brand a beating heart, drawing attention will be much more effective in making a connection. However, connection is just the first step to actions, sales and hires.

Your brand needs processes to move people from attention, to casual interest, through active interest... and eventually to a bankable action.  You can think of these processes as your brands thinking brain. Once set up, they make assumptions, test them and learn from them so your marketing dollar goes further and you deliberately skip the black holes that you used to throw your cash down.

For more details on process go here

A Brand With Welcoming Arms
 draws people into your brand's embrace

When we meet someone who smiles at us, we feel good, and smile back.  When we meet someone who truly listens to us we 
feel that someone actually cares. When we meet someone who understands us, and empathizes with what we are going through, we feel connected to that person. And this often turns into a life long friendship. 

Why should your brand be any different?

The fact is, most marketing copy sounds like that person at the party who traps you in a one-sided conversation, and it's all about them. Or, it is cold, factual and impersonal like one business talking to another, or one computer talking to another.

Your audience is human. They have human hopes, dreams and aspirations. Most of your marketing copy doesn't connect because it is not communicating to them like humans.

So what do you do? You humanize your pitch

To discuss how to humanize your pitch and bring your brand to life


7 Signs Your Brand Desperately Needs A Heart

#1 Your message is getting lost in the sea of mediocrity

You and your people are amazing at what you do, but there are just so many other messages, emails, distractions... vying for the attention of the individuals you need to reach. You know you can help them better than anyone, but you just need to be able to part the sea of endless mediocrity to get through. If only you could reach through their computer screens, gently grab their chins and say “ listen please, I am saying this for your own good”. Well you kind of can. 

Creating a brand with heart ... will attract them to you. It will compel others to share because YOUR beating heart is connecting with THEIR beating hearts. This is not flaky hippy stuff; this is simply marketing to humans. You will be saying something  human in a brandscape of talking machines, robotic emails and one-sided conversations trying to use their confusion to sell them something. 

You will stand out from the herd of lifeless zombies and your staff will spend less of their time, and your budget, chasing shiny things. Instead they will focus on people who have already put their hands up and screamed, “ Tell me more”. Brands with heart stand out in a sea of lifeless zombies