Your brand is the beating heart of your business

The part that connects with the beating hearts of your customers     

-David Betke-  

Does One Of These 6 Types Of Organizations Describe You?

1- A Small Privately Held Business With Fewer Than 1000 Employees. 

To you corporate social responsibility is a core value not just PR.

Your customers and community have done well by you and now it's time to give back. You know that CSR is great for moral, recruitment, and even sales, but more importantly it's just the right thing to do.

We love working with people like you, to help you reduce your marketing waste so you can dedicate more to growth and doing more good.

2- A Local Government With Social And Environmental Initiatives. 

You understand that social change involves engaging with your community members compassionately.

Your job depends on moving people's behavior in certain directions.  You need to do this without judgment, and make it as easy as possible for people to work towards change that affects your entire community positively.  

We love getting people to do, to take steps that improve all our lives, and in a deeply compassionate way.

3- A Non-profit Who Wants To Make A Bigger Impact. 

It is always a challenge to get your message through to a funding fatigued client.

You are dedicated making a difference in the lives of individuals, communities, or in our natural world. We love causes.

Our processes are deeply compassionate so your marketing will be deeply human. That converts to higher engagement and levels of action. 

4- A Nature Or Conservation Organization 

You struggle to reach educate people around their misconceptions over jobs vs our environment.

You are dedicated to our natural world, to habitat conservation and species at risk. We've got heaps of green cred, some very big wins, and tons of experience marketing to save our planet.

5- A Conscious Music Festival. 

You would like to sell more merchandise so you can afford even better talent and create a legacy account for the future.

You need someone who understands and has deep experience with the opportunities and pitfalls of branded merchandise.  We have a lot of that. We'll also help you ethically source and green your merch so you can really connect with your fans and raise more money for more talent.

6- An Artisan, Service Professional, Or Consultant. 

You need help differentiating yourself from the 1000's of others in your competitive field.

You have no problems moving people. You just need help with the basics of business and marketing. It's the numbers and the process that makes you want to run away like your hair is on fire. You would much rather spend your time creating and inspiring people. 

We have several solutions that range from hand holding to DIY.

Does Your Marketing Sound Like It Was Written By A Robot?

I see it every day, people who are amazing in person. You almost have me sold at hello. You are warm, kind and personable and you can get people to buy just about anything because they trust you immediately.  They know that they are safe in your hands.

Unfortunately your marketing sounds like a robot wrote it. Your audience is right brained creative and emotional but your marketing is trying to communicate to them on a logical ( features and benefits) basis. You struggle to close sales, people take forever to make a decision... and it eludes you why?

You figure maybe it's where you are advertising, so you change that and get the same results. You don't know where to invest your hard earned money.

Don't be dismayed; this is as common in conscious heart centered businesses as it is in left brained professions like lawyers and engineers. That is why the latter usually have significant expense accounts for entertaining people. They get that the human connection is everything.

The good news is you can create a brand infused with your humanity so it does more of the work for you, and the dollars you invest in advertising will actually lead to more actions, sales and hires.

Remember, advertising is just buying curiosity.  It is brand that closes the deal.

 David Betke