We are copywriters with a serious swag addiction. We love how promotional products draw people deeper into your story.

...And how they remind people how you made them feel 
when you touched them with your story. 

Our process takes those good feelings and turns them into actions, sales, and hires.


-David Betke-  

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Our 5 Key Solutions For Better Results With Your Swag

#1 Dimensional Advertising™


Helped recruit 3 senior engineers from a target of 12. Covered in Alberta Venture Magazine & The National Post

In our experience there is no better way to get your message opened, read and remembered by a high value target than our Dimensional Advertising™ pieces. We define a high value target as an individual who can contribute $50 000/year to your enterprise. They may be a prize new client, a dream recruit, an angel investor, or that epic brand influencer. Their contributions are measured in lifetime value. Many of these individuals have the capability to adding 7 or 8 figures to the value of your enterprise. But they are very busy and do not react to traditional tactics.

This is why we created Dimensional Advertising™. Seven consecutive national awards and millions of dollars in value have proven their effectiveness.

#2 Swag,Tag & Squeeze™ (Measurable Swag)*


Swag can lead to actions, sales and hires when combined with process and automation

We get so frustrated seeing so many of you spending your money on the newest shiny thing, giving it away, attracting lots of attention, and then getting no business from it. Or when you donate some amazing swag to a client’s golf tournament or community silent auction. It’s a wonderful gesture but a lost marketing opportunity.

Swag, Tag, & Squeeze is disrupting the promotional products industry.

Our unique process not only measures how many qualified leads you attracted with your swag, but it follows them through the journey to actions, sales and hires. Now you can know what is working, which traffic sources are working best, and which shows are generating the highest quality leads so you can reduce your spend in areas that are grey and focus it where you are getting results.

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*Only available to our Agency of Record clients

#3 Compassionate Copywriting & Creative


In this piece, all facts were presented in relation to light. It took abstract, disturbing facts, and made them concrete. The result was a message that stuck with business leaders for years. It was used as an example to women's shelters nationwide

Most of you have enormous hearts. In person you connect with people deeply and you can move them to action. Unfortunately, when you start to write marketing copy it’s like a robot, or a business takes control. You no longer sound like you, so your audience stops responding.

Our words are built on compassionate and a deep understanding of what your customer needs to say yes and to continue to say yes. The people you need to reach will feel the heart in your message and know that you care and that you are not just trying to manipulate them. That’s good because it’s real and it’s human!

#4 Brand & Marketing Triage

Most enterprises waste enormous amounts of marketing dollars that lead to nothing. Our Marketing Triage™ process focuses on 5 key areas our experience shows to be the common black holes: Foundation, Process, Content, Metrics & Data.

For marketing to function optimally all of these key areas must be working in sync.

Marketing Triage™ process identifies where your weaknesses are and we formulate a plan to address them.  You can then hand our recommendations over to your team or you can hire us to do some more handholding.

#5 Brand & Marketing Clinic™

After Triage and recommendations, you may find that you don't have the experience on your team to implement all of the intricacies of your brand and marketing plan. That's why we have created our Brand & Marketing Clinic™.  It was created so you can lean on us depending on your needs. It may be a quick clarifying phone call, a creative project you need help with, product sourcing or project management. We want to help you succeed. We even do some house calls.

#6 Brand & Marketing Workshops

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