Moving people to action through compassion is at the core of who we are and what we do.

-David Betke-

Our Story Began Here

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How I Helped Save A Forest Without Chaining Myself To A Single Tree

Our Story, Vision & Difference

Our Story

In 1990 one of last great stands of Canada’s temperate interior rainforest, outside of Nelson B.C., was slated to be clear-cut logged. It would create a few jobs for a few years. A large part of the community turned up to block the road.

David decided to put his talents instead towards creating a satirical line of t-shirts and using them to raise awareness and support both a petition drive and letter writing campaign.

He travelled across Canada more than a dozen times visiting universities, gathering signatures and promoting a letter writing campaign. While in a town he would go to a store and tell them if they would carry his t-shirts, he would promote them to a new audience at the universities, thus bringing in a new audience to their stores.  All they had to do was keep the petition and letter campaigns going. 

He ended up with 180 stores carrying his merchandise, and secured funding from Aveda to produce a video on the threatened forest. The scales were tipped and his campaign was instrumental in establishing The West Arm Provincial Park. The forest is now protected forever.

As he returned from 7 years on the road, businesses started asking him to create merchandise for them so he did. And then came uniforms and promotional products. The business quickly reached multiple 6 figures but he wasn’t seeing the results he had created on the road. He was watching customers waste money on the newest marketing shiny things with little or no results.

So, he introduced them to his process. Soon he was delivering massive results to his customers. Seven national marketing awards and millions in results has led him here.... to share with you who are giving back, the process that will make a difference in your business.

Our Difference


Our difference is in our compassion, our words and our process.

Our Compassion

You can always move more people to action through compassion.

We believe that every part of the marketing process should be human and compassionate. This extends from the copy (words) we write on your behalf, to the strategies we employee to get people to join you, buy from you, or rave about you.

We believe in making it easy for people to say yes by engaging them with a vision of the possibilities and then enabling them with the tools to help you succeed together. Their successes are your successes.

Our Words

Dave's words have moved people, and then moved them to action for decades. They are deeply routed in compassion and respect for your audience. His copywriting and hyper-creativity have been a large part of the results we deliver.

Our Process

OK, we admit we are measurement obsessed. Process is everything to good marketing. Our compassionate conversion process has gently moved many people to take positive action.  

Our What If? - Our Vision

What if small businesses, non profits and local governments could band together and make a large positive impact on our world?

Our vision is one of a world where people like you, who are dedicated to giving back, become the market leaders.  

By extension, those who are motivated by profit alone, and do nothing to improve the lives of others.... become the struggling niche.

Our How? Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community who shares our audiences and trusted recommendations to grow together.

Our vehicle is our Brands With Heart™ initiative.

Our Core Values 


1 Live Our Core Values

2 Honesty before self-interest  
3 Maintaining our clients reputations is paramount
4 Our clients are our partners - their customers are who we need to impress.
5 Show empathy and compassion - Sometimes the most compassionate thing we can do is to save a customer from 
6 We care passionately about nature, equality and social justice
7 When faced with either/or scenarios, always try to picture what the AND could look like.
8 Reject us vs. them scenarios, in favor of the power of we.
9 When looking for a solution, always try to drill down one layer deeper to uncover insights that others may have 
10 Strive to see the big picture in everything and understand 
how one decision may affect many others.