We will grow together and make a bigger impact by sharing our audiences.

-David Betke-


How It Works: 

We will profile a different organization that Brands With Heart™ every few weeks during the season either on our Instagram page or as a feature on this site.

If you are chosen for an episode you will receive a small number of questions to prepare for an on camera, Facebook live, audio or written interview. Once the interview has been edited and is ready to air we will schedule a release date. 

You will then be expected to alert your audience to view your episode at the link we will provide you so they can see the great things you are doing and also what other amazing Brands With Heart are doing to give back. Together we can grow by sharing our audiences. Sharing our audiences magnifies our impact for good.

What’s In It 
For You? 

As our audience grows, so will yours. We can then suggest how to pull them into your particular orbit using landing pages and automated sales funnels so you can start monetizing a larger global audience. 

What’s In It For Us? 

For those who know us, we love growing brands that do good things, but we all have to eat so here is where our revenue will come from: 

a) Selling advertising

b) Exposing our products and services to a larger audience in the hopes that you, or they, will choose us to help you grow your Brands With Heart™