You are here to make a positive difference. 

We want to amplify the difference you make.

-David Betke-


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Welcome Wonderful Do-gooder: 

We would love for you to join our movement to help us all create a better world, while taking your business, program, or cause to a bigger stage.

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What We All Have In Common:

There is a strong element to your mission, or the way that you do business, that is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, communities or our natural world. 

Who You Are:

• a small business with a big heart who wants to step onto a larger stage to reach a global audience but you just need help showing your best face before you are exposed to a world of competition.

• an established business with a strong sense of community, who gives back. Fair trade, ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability, or charitable support is woven into the DNA of your brand. You believe in profit but what really drives you is something so much bigger, and that is what connects with your audiences so deeply. You just need a little help getting your message of good to more people so you can make your not so conscious competition invisible. 

• a non profit who is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, communities or our shared natural world who needs help reaching supporters, increasing donations and spreading your message. Every day seems to be a challenge competing with other worthy causes for the same donors. You just need a community to spread your message to more enlightened people.

• a local government who needs help engaging your citizens to take responsible action towards safer, friendlier and cleaner communities. Delivering your message without sounding like patronizing "government" is always a challenge. You love to share new ideas and best practices that have worked for others.

• a music festival who promotes environmentally and socially responsibility. You want to learn from other's best practices and what you can do to increase merchandise sales using ethically produced products.

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to expose you to a global highly targeted audience that wants more of what you are driven to do because they know that you are doing it for more than just you.

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