Turn your swag into the story of your brand

When you need to get through to that high value prospect, we have found no better way than
Dimensional Advertising™

-David Betke-

Dimensional Advertising™

In our experience there is no better way to get your message opened, read and remembered by a high value target than our Dimensional Advertising™ pieces. We define a high value target as an individual who can contribute $50 000/year to your enterprise. They may be a prize new client, a dream recruit, an angel investor, or that epic brand influencer. Their contributions are measured in lifetime value. Many of these individuals have the capability to adding 7 or 8 figures to the value of your enterprise. But they are very busy and do not react to traditional tactics.

This is why we created Dimensional Advertising™. Seven consecutive national awards and millions of dollars in value have proven their effectiveness.


Helped recruit 3 senior engineers from a target of 12. Covered in Alberta Venture Magazine & The National Post